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I don't have enough rep, how can I see whether something has already been proposed on Area51?

I wanted to discuss the expansion of a proposal's scope but before doing that I wanted to see whether the topics I'd like to include in the scope expending were already proposed on Area51. I read ...
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What do I do if I have no community/organization when making a proposal?

I'd like to make a Wiccan/Pagan Witchcraft Stack Exchange, but I have no community/organization to link to in the proposal form. Is there someone willing to help me? Also, why do you need a community/...
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How does one go about advertising a proposal?

There are several proposal-specific discussions on advertisement, but those often are very specific to the proposal. What I'd like to make available is a list of generic ways one can advertise a (...
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Hebrew site q&a

I want to propose a Hebrew Q&A site but I don't understand what does is mean " Please link to the community (or announcement) who will be supporting this proposal" - How do I get a community or ...
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Can dead topics be revived by the same users?

I'm thinking of proposing a new topic, but am unsure if I can build a community around it yet. If it doesn't succeed and get's removed, can we try again in the future? With the same topic name? By the ...
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How can I gather publicity about my proposal?

How do I gather followers for my proposal? I have a site, but I don't know anyone on the site. In the first stage, I can't submit it until I have a community. This is reasonable, but how can I ...
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Don't we need the seperate community for Ionic? [duplicate]

Don't we need the separate community for Ionic? Ionic is the biggest Hybrid app development framework. It should have its separate community to discuss the problems in the app development in Ionic ...
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When proposing a new site, are existing Stack Exchange communities acceptable for the 3rd question about "organization or website"?

Since April 2018, there were Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0 when proposing a new site. One of them is: Got a Community Needing Q&A? — Stack Exchange Can Help If you have access to a healthy, ...
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Is there a maximum duration of the commitment phase? [duplicate]

As in the object. Could not find the information with a site search.
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