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What do I do if I have no community/organization when making a proposal?

I'd like to make a Wiccan/Pagan Witchcraft Stack Exchange, but I have no community/organization to link to in the proposal form. Is there someone willing to help me? Also, why do you need a community/...
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How to help a NEW community get through the commitment phase?

The biggest hurdle to getting a proposal through the "Commitment" phase is getting enough users with EXPERIENCE in Stack Exchange to sign up so that it can successfully go into private-beta. ...
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When proposing a new site, are existing Stack Exchange communities acceptable for the 3rd question about "organization or website"?

Since April 2018, there were Changes to the Area 51 Process v3.0 when proposing a new site. One of them is: Got a Community Needing Q&A? — Stack Exchange Can Help If you have access to a healthy, ...
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What constitutes flagging a proposal?

What merits flagging, or potentially closing a proposal? Here is the context of my asking this question: On the Elrond proposal on Area 51 main, I am considering flagging it. This is because of the ...
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Can dead topics be revived by the same users?

I'm thinking of proposing a new topic, but am unsure if I can build a community around it yet. If it doesn't succeed and get's removed, can we try again in the future? With the same topic name? By the ...
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I don't have enough rep, how can I see whether something has already been proposed on Area51?

I wanted to discuss the expansion of a proposal's scope but before doing that I wanted to see whether the topics I'd like to include in the scope expending were already proposed on Area51. I read ...
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Can I submit a proposal for a product still in development? (Proposing too early)

If I have a product that is in some sort of state which that it's not fully developed, should I propose a site about it? To me it sounds like it could be a bad idea for the reason that since the ...
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Is there a maximum duration of the commitment phase? [duplicate]

As in the object. Could not find the information with a site search.
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What is the "Please link to the community" input field in the Area 51 proposal creation webpage?

I have recently made an "Astrobiology" proposal on Area 51 (which was my first proposal). When I stumbled apon the "Please community link to the community...Area 51 cannot find that community for you" ...
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Stack site for AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

I have been thinking that AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a massive technology and maybe deserves its own site. I want to start a discussion to see if we should just let AWS be discussed in Stack sites ...
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When can "example questions" be answered?

My understanding is that there are a limited number of things a user can do for those to whom I send a link to my proposal. Get an SE account (Yay!) Follow It for our proposal (Yay!) Ask new example ...
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Would a Comic Books SE overlap too much with SCFI?

Given the recent rise in popularity of Comic Books (Movies, TV Shows, the books themselves) I think it would be cool if there was SE dedicated to them. I did some research, and saw there wasn't one ...
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Is anyone interested in creating a Q&A for Greek language & Usage? [duplicate]

I think that the Greek would make a good addition to the Stack Exchange culture. In my opinion, Greek is a rich language and there are also some schools in various countries which teach Greek to ...
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Bar and Restaurant Science

I am looking forward to opening my first restaurant soon and am quickly having to learn many aspects of it and have many questions. I typed in Business and nothing came up here. Is this to broad or ...
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How can I gather publicity about my proposal?

How do I gather followers for my proposal? I have a site, but I don't know anyone on the site. In the first stage, I can't submit it until I have a community. This is reasonable, but how can I ...

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