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About community

Maybe it's a stupid question but I don't know how to establish a community to support my sites ideas. Do I just search for people here ? like sending them messages or something ?
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Hebrew site q&a

I want to propose a Hebrew Q&A site but I don't understand what does is mean " Please link to the community (or announcement) who will be supporting this proposal" - How do I get a community or ...
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Does Area 51 have quality bans?

Many people know about the question and answer bans that are active on most sites. Are there similar bans active on Area 51 or Area 51 Discussion Zone? For example is there a: Proposal Ban for ...
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Is it alright to try and recruit people from other sites?

I put up a proposal for a site: "Sign Languages", about any and all sign languages. That proposal, it didn't get enough followers in the first three days, so it was pruned. My question is if it's ...
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How does one go about advertising a proposal?

There are several proposal-specific discussions on advertisement, but those often are very specific to the proposal. What I'd like to make available is a list of generic ways one can advertise a (...
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Don't we need the seperate community for Ionic? [duplicate]

Don't we need the separate community for Ionic? Ionic is the biggest Hybrid app development framework. It should have its separate community to discuss the problems in the app development in Ionic ...
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Were the changes to the time limits supposed to occur retroactively?

As of two days ago, the minimum time thresholds for going through the definition and commitment phases of a proposal were changed. This change was announced one week ahead of the change. In that ...
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Closing a Proposal After 4 Months in Definition or Commitment [duplicate]

On occasion, we have to uproot and close a proposal which has been too slow at gaining support to remain viable. Typically, there is nothing inherently wrong with the subject being proposed, but after ...
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Don't start commitment phases when there's only two weeks left

Proposal: Culture and life in Japan The proposal "Culture and life in Japan" was closed during the commitment phase as not viable. I attempted to promote the proposal to people who hadn't ...

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