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Stack Overflow (in Polish) [duplicate]

I'm sure there is strong Polish community on SE and other pages. Maybe we start with SO as there is most question about coding and other issue. Not everyone speaks and writes perfect in English. For ...
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Why was the "StackExchange in German" proposal deleted? [duplicate]

There was enough commitment and last I checked it SO was waiting for the translation. So what happened?
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Stackoverflow in persian [duplicate]

As an stackoverflow user who are not native in english I see lots of questions in stackoverflow from new users that they cant say what they really want because of their poor english, and as a persian ...
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Help about non-English / international site proposals [duplicate]

The intention of this question was to consolidate in one place the most important discussions and resources around non-English / international site proposals. I have heard about the Stack Exchange ...
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Instead of creating many language specific sites, shouldn't we expand the multilingual features of the original one?

I'm not sure if this belongs here or into the mother meta as a feature request, if the latter is the case, please migrate. There are a few proposed sites that are StackOverflow in a language other ...
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How could questions in arabic be written although it's from right to left?

Proposal: Arabic Language How is it possible to ask questions in arabic? for example this sentence: اللغة العربية من اليمين لليسار. the full-stop is on the right not on the left. كيف تكتب ...
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Internationalization 'State of the Stack'

For those I haven't yet met, I'm Tim Post, the Director of Stack Overflow Communities here at Stack Exchange. When we said we planned to reverse our previous stance on localization some years ago, we ...
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Do Stack Overflows in different languages need to go through the definition phase?

Even though their scope is very clearly defined from the first day, Stack Overflow in [insert non-English language spoken by a sufficent number of devs around the world here] proposals have to go ...
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What happened to Stack Overflow in Turkish?

There are a few posts from many years ago saying that Stack Overflow in Turkish was on hold until after Stack Overflow in Portuguese was ironed out, and it seemed like Turkish was one of the next ...
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Is it still an accepted practice to create a different language version for an existing site?

It was done with StackOverflow (now Stack Overflow En Espanol exists, as Stack Overflow Em Portugues). Is it still considered an accepted practice or will it likely be closed (e.g. by moderation) if I ...
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Yugoslav Language

I would like to start a stackoverflow Q&A website in Yugoslav languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bosniak-Montenegrin, Macedonian. We would ease all those who are not proficient in English and it would ...
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