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Is there an automatic process to delete closed proposals on Area 51?

On Stack Exchange sites, there's an an automatic process to delete abandoned closed questions. Area 51 often has a lot of closed proposals that receive no activity for a long time. Area 51 is fairly ...
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Why this 3rd-party WordPress plugin site closed?

Why this proposal closed and this is still open and even on the phase of commitment? Either both should stay or both should closed. Proposal: Divi Builder
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Are proposals deleted, or closed, if they fail the 5 question 5 follower requirement?

The message when starting a proposal says After you've submitted your proposal below, here is what you'll need to get started: 5 example questions you would like to ask on this site 5 ...
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What happened to 'content creators' proposal?

I created a 'content creators' proposal, and it appears to have been deleted, with no notification. Can someone please tell me why/how this happened?
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Would it be appropriate to create a proposal for a narrowly defined technology?

A company called Parallax, Inc (I am not affiliated with them) makes an electronic product named the "Propeller" or more formally, "P8X32A". It is a microcontroller and is aimed at electronics ...
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Inaccurate text on deletion page

The text on deleted proposals says, emphasis added, "Inactive proposals that do not receive any activity for one month are subject to deletion." However, "one month" should actually say "three days" ...
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