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Proposers should have to come up with five example questions before the proposal goes live [duplicate]

Over the last few months I've noticed a lot of inappropriate or poorly thought out proposals on Area 51. Some are just carve-outs of topics that already get plenty of traffic on an existing ...
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Why proposal deleted within 2 days? (Also Deleting vs Closing decision) [duplicate]

Proposal: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Why this proposal is deleted within just two days? There were probably 3 follower and 3 example questions. I want to know why proposals are directly ...
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Disallow Abandonment [duplicate]

That's basically it, in a nutshell. There are currently two proposals on the front page of Area 51 with 0 followers. You read that correctly - zero, none, nil, nobody at all. This looks absolutely ...
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Make questions obligatory when defining a proposal? [duplicate]

Repeatedly, I see new proposals, where the creator (with the usual initial 50 rep) writes a vague title, even more vague description, and leaves it at that, with us to figure out what's the proposal ...
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Could we require people to make an example question in order to make a proposal? [duplicate]

Quite often when I'm scrolling through the proposed sites, I'll see proposals that don't have any example questions listed. I'll sometimes try to throw in an example question of my own to try and help ...
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Why do proposals for a feminism stackexchange keep failing?

Proposal: Feminism & Women Rights is another attempt in a long series to establish a feminism stackexchange site. I remember several similar proposals over the past years. I also remember some ...
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What does a asterisk (star) in front of a proposal name mean?

In the "All proposals" view I noted that some proposals (obviously very new ones) are preceded by a star, e.g. * Magic at this moment. What does the star mean?
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How long is a proposal published?

for example : I added proposal ("Tee and Coffee :D"), nobody follow it (except for me), nobody closed it. My proposal has small activity. When (if at all) my proposal will be deleted ? Who will delete ...
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How would it be if a SE site is created on Bangla (=Bengali) language?

(Originally asked at SE Meta) Bangla (Eng. Bengali) is a language common in Bangladesh and part of India (West Bengal) with a rich history of literature and cultural heritage. How would it be; if ...
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What are the best and worst days of the week to make an Area51 Proposal?

With the current Minimum Activity Requirements for Area 51 a new proposal has 3 days to get 5 followers and 5 example questions. The proposer can ask the 5 questions, so that is not much of a hurdle. ...
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Is there a difference between closed proposals and removed proposals?

My proposal for an Agriculture site was removed due to lack of activity, to which I agree. I would have liked to have a bit more time to fix it. I'm pretty sure it was less than 30 days after ...
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Next steps after proposal has 5 questions and 5 followers

When a proposal has gotten it's first 5 questions and 5 followers, nothing happens automatically (is this true?). What happens next, and when?
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Should I propose a site for Natural Language Processing?

The problem with Natural Language Processing is that this topic is currently spread over at least 4 sites of the Network, including Stackoverflow, Data Science, Cross Validated and Linguistics. ...
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Why was my Etymology Proposal deleted? was deleted, but why? Etymology should stand alone because it crosses, permeates, and pervades any one ...
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what is the difference between the 5 main questions about the proposal and the 40 example questions?

I got a bit confused between the minimum number of questions required to start a site. when I propose a site I need to have 5 questions but to get the proposal (defined) I need at least 40 question ...
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