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What is a probability that interface of stackexchange sites will be translated somewhere in the future? Currently there are no localized versions. And the absense of such a version really impedes development of native communities because only users that already use stackexchange sites can use them really conviniently.

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Based on the comments below a proposal in any language other that English can definitely have fully translated interface when it opens. Technically it is pretty simple to translate interface (especially with community help), however develop and moderate community in different culture can be really complex. Most probably the non-English proposal will be on hold after commitment reaches 100%, and after some time it launches. So it is just a question of time. Maybe it happens next month, maybe it happens next year.

Joel Spolsky:

However we are committed to support sites in other languages just as soon as we're confident that the site creation process is working fine.

Robert Cartaino:

But one thing I can report is that we will not create entirely-non-English site until the interface can be localized in their native language.

Anna Lear:

We're working on some localization projects (most recently, support for non-ASCII tags), but we're still a ways out from being able to support a fully non-English site.


The developers are already working at it. In fact, that's exactly what's holding back the Turkish and Portuguese proposals from launching, according to this answer. So don't worry about that, your site will have a localized interface when it launches (but unfortunatly, you'll still need 100 commiters with 200+ rep in other sites, or it won't go to the next phase).

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