Proposal: Aviation and Aerospace

As you probably know, we have more than enough users to go into the next stage but need 20 more questions with 10 votes or more.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to upvote more than 5 questions per proposal. Therefore, we should use our votes well by upvoting only good questions (if you upvote bad questions, nobody else will upvote them, wasting your vote) and not upvoting any questions that already have 10 votes, as anything over 10 votes is useless.

Today, however, I noticed several questions with 11 votes. Upvoting questions that already have 10 votes is useless, so please do not upvote a question with 10 votes, even if it is good, because you are wasting your votes and they could be used on a different question which could get us closer to getting into commitment.


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Any kind of artificial voting, including refrain from voting after a question has reached 10 votes, will ultimately prove counterproductive for the proposal.People should upvote the questions they honestly feel are useful and interesting, and downvote those that aren't, regardless of their current score.

I understand that the Area 51 process sometimes is long and cumbersome, but you really do not want to proceed to the next stage if you haven't fulfilled the requirements normally. Your goal shouldn't be to get into commitment faster, but to get into commitment with a healthy set of truly interesting and helpful questions that will attract more people and encourage them to commit to the proposal. Not every question deserves to get to +10, and if you get into commitment with questions that don't truly deserve their score, people will more likely ignore it.

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    What to do in the pathological example, where there are five outstanding questions for a proposal? Without artificial voting, only those five questions would ever be upvoted.
    – Wrzlprmft
    Jan 30, 2014 at 13:54

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