Proposal: International Careers

Possible duplicate of The Workplace.

The Workplace includes, between many others, the following tags: career-development, careers, career-switch and opportunity.


I'm not 100% sure questions about career opportunities, applying for visas, or how to obtain employment in other countries would be on-topic on The Workplace SE. Our site is more for problems that occur in the workplace itself. Occasionally, we may get a borderline question that involves a career switch due to workplace issues or questions about interviewing, but many of those questions aren't so narrow that they only apply to a handful of people.

The problem with questions about applying for jobs in a specific country is that they are extremely difficult to answer definitively. They are generally closed as too localized, since there's a strong legal component that oftentimes changes from year to year.

The best questions for a Stack Exchange site are those that can be useful to future visitors for years to come, yet when the environment changes rapidly and results can differ significantly from person to person, the answers become less useful to future visitors.

To make this proposal viable, it would need to focus on problems that don't just apply to one person or a very narrow group of individuals.


The Workplace is about work conditions, environment, best practices ... : working in general.This is more about career opportunities worldwide.

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