Proposal: Amateur Radio

Are we going to accept questions about radio features or how radios work in general? If not, if there another site/proposal we can point people to?

I don't see why we wouldn't in particular...

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It seems perfectly reasonable to accept those types of questions, especially if they are amateur related, or at least very similar to how amateur radios work. For instance, decoding an FM broadcast, while not strictly on topic, is essentially the same as decoding an FM amateur transmission at the 2m band. However, I would say that designing antennas for wifi transmission, FM radios, even AM radios would be off topic, and might be better suited for the Electrical Engineering SE site.

I would also add that questions that don't relate directly to amateur use, but are commonly used by amateurs, should be included. This includes MARS, CAP, etc.

As for CB radio, well, I'll leave that to someone else, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to have on topic...

  • Maybe we should add CB to the proposal.. I can't imagine a whole lot of CB questions..
    – Seth
    Commented Apr 6, 2013 at 22:22

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