Proposal: Mind

The name "Mind" is much broader than the scope of the site implies:

Proposed Q&A site for experts & enthusiasts in mental health and the science of happiness.

It's also very likely to confuse newcomers regarding the differences between this site and Cognitive Science. This question attempts to delineate the two, with one answer stating:

[...] people on Mind are interested in improving mental fitness and the subjectivity and their individual use of their mind, rather than general scientific principles about minds.

Taken together, it seems that the vast majority of things related to the "mind" are not actually on topic here.

I propose changing the name of the site to "Mental Health" to limit confusion and offer more focus.

If you think that's a bad name, then propose another alternative. The main point is that "Mind" is simply not a suitable or accurate name for this site.

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I agree with you. When I joined the proposal, I did not think of it as a proposal related to mental health (mostly), rather I took it in broader sense.

Though, there are couple of broad example questions also proposed in the proposal, the majority of the questions are related only to mental health and fitness.

It is for the proposer and followers to decide where do they want to take it.

If you think that's a bad name, then propose another alternative. The main point is that "Mind" is simply not a suitable or accurate name for this site.

I propose the name "Mental Fitness" if the change is name is really thought upon as I think Mental Health gives a feeling that we are talking of some problem with the Mind, whereas the actual motive is the betterment of mind.

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    "mental fitness" has less than a million results on google. i would argue that's not a large enough community for a site. "mental health" has 158 million hits--much more likely to attract users
    – Jeff
    Commented Apr 3, 2013 at 5:55
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    The name should always reflect the purpose of the site, its pointless to have a name that wont relate to the content or activity in the site. I like the name as it is ...... "Mind" It leaves a bit of space for the thought and imagination of the visitor....( that way we also get to use it :P) besides more topics will get covered in due course off time as and when people will join this site but people should join out of interest and content of the site..... not just on the name , that would help the site continue !!
    – Nitin4873
    Commented Apr 11, 2013 at 2:45

I am also seeing some overlap with the Biohacking proposal. There is more to mind than Mental Health but frankly we are going to see this overlap throughout the subject areas. For example, there will be significant overlap between Live Improvement and Lifehacking and Personal Productivity. I don't see a need (yet) to rename, merge or deprecate.


I can confirm that by coming here I thought I would find many things on the pure scientific aspect of the mind (that means for exemple neuronal simulation, neuronal interfaces, etc). But it turns out that it is about Mental Health which is fine for me too, but not what I expected.

There is another problem with this proposal too, is that "Mental Health" makes me think of mental diseases. I don't think this is the intention here (or correct me if I'm wrong).

Then, there is the "Mental Fitness" term proposed before me which I think is better but here the "fitness" word makes me think of some sort of mental excercise, like playing Dr. Kawashima. But there are other questions larger than this scope, like about the general state of mind.

I don't have an answer now, but I think that until someone finds a better way to put this, "Mind" can be fine. Maybe a little too large, but when I look at the questions, this sounds actually good.

Or why not something like "Using a brain" ?

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