Proposal: Astronomy

There seems to be a gulf between the old, closed Astronomy site, and this new, up and coming Astronomy proposal. Can't someone put a link on the old site to point to the new? Wouldn't that ignite new interest and get more committers over here?

I understand this is called a reboot, when a closed site is similar or identical to a newer proposed site.

Similar question here: How do I engage users from a closed proposal to inform they about a similar active proposal?.

My problem is that a closed site invites with a link on the right

You could try proposing a variation of this site...

without any provision for showing one or more that have already been proposed. This wastes good effort:

  1. Visitors to the old site must hunt around for new proposals.
  2. Intrepid proposers discover too late that their proposal is redundant.

What's worse, this results in an excessive diversity of proposals. There should be a way to add links to a closed site indicating it is being rebooted.

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