I am also active for "Programmers", and I would like to know if the "gamification" site will also cover the technological aspects, such as the development, usage, implementation or integration of gamification frameworks ?

I think it's a bit tricky, because some questions could be better suited for "Programmers" such as:

  • how best to integrate [a given] gamification component into an an application's architecture ?
  • how can I design a gamification architecture that will interact with multiple applications ?
  • is [x] achievement framework better than [y] framework relative to [z] features ?
  • what are the gamification frameworks available for programming language [x] ?

So what do you think ?

Proposal: Gamification

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Per this answer and this answer, the problem of site overlap can reasonably be handled by considering the context of a question before deciding where to ask it.

If you want feedback from programming experts about a gamification implementation, ask on Programmers. If you want feedback from gamification experts about a gamification implementation, ask on Gamification. It is very likely that either of the two sets of users may have unique or otherwise valuable input on the matter because of their particular expertise.


I would imagine that most of the purely technical aspects of gamification are probably better asked elsewhere. While I am a developer, gamification implementation questions really are more dependent on the language you are using and what you are trying to accomplish. It's generally more of a coding problem than a gamification problem.

Using your own questions - I think the first two would probably be better suited elsewhere since the fact that it is related to gamification is almost inconsequential. The question could be answered by developers who know nothing about gamification while people working with gamification that know nothing about development would have no insight for you at all.

However, your next 2 questions I think would be appropriate. A developer who knows little about gamification would not be able to answer either of those questions very easily. Gamification experts will likely have insight in ot those answers, and some of the gamification/developer types such as myself should be able to give you decent answers.

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