Proposal: Fabrication & Manufacturing

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There are already stack exchange sites for Electronics, Robotics, Raspberry Pi and eventually maybe Arduino, so there is no point in trying to cover those areas.

These sites would consider sociopolitical questions about the maker community to be off topic however, while as they relate to the fabrication of physical devices, I would like to encourage them to be on topic for Fabrication & Manufacturing.

The way to shape what is on-topic for Fabrication & Manufacturing is to propose questions and vote on questions that other people have proposed. One of my proposed questions (a real question from personal experience) has had a mixed response so far with on up and one down vote, so there isn't yet much of a mandate for the proposal to consider general community related questions on-topic.


From how the group is starting to define so far, I would observe that this area would deal specifically with what it purports, fabrication and manufacturing. Here are some resources that you might find handy:

  • DIY Projects is specifically for individual projects. From their current Area 51 page:

Proposed Q&A site for it will cover all questions that fall under the DIY category; covering a wide range of topics including Hobby projects except home improvement.

However, as the title indicates, this group is currently becoming defined as a place largely for projects themselves. As mentioned by Mark Booth in their answer, RaspberryPi/Arduino/etc SEs already out of beta or still in Area 51 would not be appropriate for sociopolitical questions, general questions about DIY groups, and other items.

  • DIY Groups is a new SE that I have proposed for all those questions related to DIY groups that have no homes. This would be different than Fab and Manufacturing as well as RaspPi and etc as it would be more about infrastructure and resources related only indirectly to things such as 3D printing. This group is for organizers of labs and spaces, members, board members, supporters, academics, and etc.

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