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How should questions concerning moderation with a specific application be handled? Say for example, if I had some technical question about Reddit or vBulletin that was about a moderation tool. Should they be included and tagged per-platform, sent to another SE such as the Web Applications Stack Exchange, or perhaps some other solution?

There is some precedent for overlap in the context of audiences, and I think it is certainly agreeable if someone would want to bring their question to an audience of Moderation experts, rather than an audience of Webapp experts. The answers may differ because of the context.

This seems like an important point to get established early on, because it will probably play a big role in crafting questions during Definition.

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I agree the answers should differ because of context. Webapps may give you a very detailed answer how given moderation tool works from technical point of view. Moderators would advise how and when to use the tool, which kind of conflicts it helps to resolve, what risks it bears and how to apply it efficiently.

This is a bit like Physics vs Electrical Engineering: Physics tells you the intricacies of how an oscilloscope works. Electrical Engineering tells you how to troubleshoot a faulty circuit using the oscilloscope.

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