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This site has grown very fast but some possible problem with questions votes are appearing. When a proposal is in the definition stage, the goal is to have a quantity of questions examples, so that people know what to expect from this site.

So the goal is to have x questions with 10 or more votes. So, when a question gets 10 votes, it isn't necessary to upvote it even more. It's more productive to vote in good questions that haven't reached the 10 necessary votes to be considered a good example question.

And even who have voted can cahnged his vote: just click again in the up arrow to "unvote", and then you can vote is some other question...

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    I'd be more concerned by the questions with 10 votes...almost all of these are massively Not Constructive or too broad to be answerable
    – Ben Brocka
    Feb 22 '13 at 20:52

The goal is not to have x questions with 10 or more votes; the goal is to have a large selection of really good questions for a viable site. If only a few questions are really good, then the site should not be made. I would hate to see bad questions get voted up, and then have the site flounder in beta. Not every topic works as a site for this community. It doesn't necessarily have to do with how important the topic is. The purpose of a proposal is to see if a good site will work, not to make a site at all costs. I find this issue very important, so I think it's very important that we work hard on making a good site, rather than just making a site.


The short answer is no.

The goal is to have a wide selection of questions that easily give the user an idea of what they can expect on the site. Therefore, I'd imagine consistency in questions is needed. For example, rating 15 random questions would technically reach the goal, but the questions could also be so varied that the site has no clear purpose. On the other hand, if you get a good set of well-defined questions that demonstrate a working and interesting site, the final site is much more likely to succeed.

The reasoning behind having several questions with 10 or more votes is that those votes actually matter. Simply voting for the sake of voting makes everyone's vote less valuable. It would undermine what has been determined to be a reliable system for determining the likelihood of a site's success.

Finally, it would cause the commitment phase to be a flop. When people commit, they usually look at the definition and the example questions. If they can't discern a clear purpose for the site, they will move on and not commit. After all, they only have three commitments they can make at a time. I'd rather see several very well-worded, strong, and specific questions instead of several random questions that aren't necessarily great (some might be, but there's no guarantee). That way, the site will be much more likely to succeed.

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