Proposal: Astronomy & Astrophysics Should questions about astrophotography be asked here or in Photo.SE? I raise the point, because as an amateur astronomer and and keen photographer I personally am interested in taking photos of star fields, which I think I can get all the information I need from main steam photography.

However, as and when I or others like me want to get information on taking more complex images (through telescopes, stacking, etc...) I think it would be better to come to an astronomy knowledge base rather than a purely photographic knowledge base.

What are your thoughts?

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I think itd be a very good idea. There should also be tag(s) related to astrophotography.

The reason why I agree is because many amateur astronomers that I know are accomplished photographers, the images they capture make astronomy more 'real' for a lot of people who are otherwise overwhelmed by the theory and the maths.

Also, it is a practical means of 'training' would be amateurs in the field.

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