As per the title, what are your thoughts? I was considering my commitment to the Tridion proposal now that I'm no longer part of the community, and in fact now work for a competing vendor. I think I'm leaning towards "yes, it is appropriate" - I was a big part of the community for such a long time, and my reasons for making the move were not product or community related.

Proposal: Tridion

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Being part of the community is not directly related to your employer I would say. The fact that you are working for the competition might give it a different swing of course. If your current employer does not prohibit you to be active in the Tridion community, and you are still committed to do so, I would say your "commitment" to this proposal is still valid.

  • Thing is I'm not active, more of a passive supporter ;) Feb 18, 2013 at 8:37

It's appropriate if your "commitment" is offered in good faith and you plan on following up. I'm not sure how literal you were being by "I'm on longer part of the community" but if you're not going to support and help grow the site, you should not commit to it. Otherwise, I say "welcome aboard!"

  • I've become more of an observer really. I still follow with interest, but have stopped directly contributing. Mainly it's a time issue rather than a competitive issue, but the competitive issue does bear a little weight. Feb 15, 2013 at 19:12

I'd argue that the relevant skill-set is still there on your CV, and you never know what the future brings. Having said that, if the proposal were to stand or falls on the number of people we'd lose this way, then it wasn't going to work anyway. So don't feel bad if removing your commitment makes more sense. We'll manage :-)


If at some point you feel compelled to revoke your "fan" status and remove Tridion-related posts, you might consider stopping participation in Tridion Stack Exchange.

Considering the fact that former "Tridionauts" still participate in the site and sometimes make their way back to the profession, I'd say current and former community members should participate at a level that works for them.

This Q&A site is wide open, so there's no harm in "competition" joining the site and any off-topic discussions and comments will be downvoted anyway. :-)

In a way, it's actually good for the community, software, and StackExchange to offer a Q&A experience that's engaging enough to keep former practitioners involved. At the very least, you might add comments or clarification when we start misquoting your blog or your old forum posts. ;-)

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