We have an apple one, but there are a lot of mobile developers that develop cross-platform - why not have a stackexchange devoted entirely to mobile development ios and android? There are so many questions about them on the site these days, I think it would be genius!

Anyone back me on this?

Rachel :)

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The Android tag on Stack Overflow has already become the official Android app development forum for Android programmers, so with hundreds of thousands of developers already using that site, it would be difficult to make a case that the subject isn't already being well served by our current developers' site.

Android Developers Blog — Hello, Stack Overflow!


The Apple SE (Ask Different) is targetted at users of Apple devices, not at development. From their FAQ:

However, a few exceptions to the general scope exist. Please refrain from asking about ... programming, with the exception of AppleScript and Automator (emphasis mine)

Stack Overflow has over 120k questions tagged ios and more than 285k questions tagged android.

Thus it's hard to justify the case for another specific site.

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