Proposal: Arduino

I really think an Arduino specific Q&A site would be great. Even though the proposal is new, how about some directed efforts to bring more people to this proposal and get some momentum.

So, how should we publicise this proposal?

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Please edit this answer to add anything you have done if it is listed here, otherwise post a separate answer

Some ideas for this proposal to garner momentum before it slips into the void :

  • Bring your friends here. As you are interested in this proposal, I am assuming you and your friends would be involved with Arduino in some way. Lets get those guys here !

  • Post this in forums and other electrical websites as well as Arduino forums actively. Covered :

  • Post to metas of existing relevant SE forums

  • Think of and post good questions. Then lets share them. This is what you could get an answer to if you were to help in bringing this site alive should be an excellent motivator and pitch

  • Link to it in your profiles :)

  • Tweet and/or Google+

  • Reddited

  • According to MSO posts, it is alright to promote the proposals in comments on SE, as long it is relevant and not phrased like an advertisement. SO (pun intended), get to it !

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