Proposal: Skeptic Exchange

It explicitly says in the description for this proposal that the site “is NOT for discussion about skepticism.” I don’t understand this arbitrary restriction. Should this line be removed from the description and questions about skepticism be allowed?

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The proposal is aimed at applied scepticism, so it is mainly about debunking pseudoscience and discussing about it. It is not about philosophical discussions about skepticism.

I consider this a sensible approach and I'd like to keep that in the proposal.

I'd like to keep topics that are inevitably leading to discussions, instead of objective Q&A, out of the site. But I realize we probably have different interpretations on what this line means exactly.

I do think that there might be a place for objectively answerable questions about skepticism, but the best place to decide that is probably the beta phase.

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    Scared of responding to skepticism of skepticism? – Crazy Eddie Feb 23 '11 at 0:44
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    @Fabian, your answer doesn’t answer anything. You are just stating what you would like without giving any reasons. – Timwi Feb 23 '11 at 2:39

Questions about skepticism may have their place on meta.skeptics, or on philosophy.area51. As a newcomer, I find the line helpful as it tells me it's not about the philosophical stance (what I would first think of when reading its name), but rather about… it.

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