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I am a big fan of the stackexchange network and I would love (and can barely wait) to see a blender specific site on it, as it is in my opinion a better way then the blenderartists forum for short/specific questions that often occur when you work with blender. This is NOT supposed to be a Troll/flame post.

In my opinion there are currently a lot of questions prominent in the example questions, I would not approve off. Questions with no optimal answer, Questions that are covered a thousand times in various wikis/tutorials/blogs/how-to's that can be found with just one simple google search and questions that show no effort from the person asking the question.


"What is an optimal poly count for a character running in the Blender game engine?"

This question is largely dependent on the kind of game you create, how many polygons are present at the scene overall, what kind of computer you aim it to run on.

"How can I write a custom exporter for my own 3D engine?" This sounds to me like (I have no Idea how to do that please do that for me)

"I've been using Blender for a long time and I have programming skills. How can I turn some of my ideas into Blender plugins?" I think the wiki of the blender site is the first thing you find when you google "blender addon how to code" (it actually is). There is very good material to learn that. In my opinion a good question would be related to the thing you try to achieve. like :"I don't understand how to link an action to a button here is my code:"...." " I actually just found a way better one in the example questions "How do I create a button that shows in the buttons window and executes my Python code?"

"How do you get good topology with n-gons?" To open question. probably only a few tutorials out there


"How can I improve rendering and raytracng performance with minimal losses in image quality?"

Very open question, lots of tutorials out there.

google: "render performance blender"

In my opinion it would be much better like that:"I have this scene xyz.blend[download] I get a lot of fireflies/rendering takes a lot of time/looks crappy/needs too many samples. How can I improve that. here is an example.jpg" This question would probably even better off in the blenderartists forum.

Most of these questions have a rating of 10 and I really don't understand why. Maybe I am missing something here.

Btw even if it is a way to reduce the time to the beta I think telling people to stop upvoting questions with more then 10 votes has the drawback, that you don't know what really is a good question. I would rather suggest, that everyone informs other blender&stackexchange about this site because to survive the beta there need to be a lot of people on the site.

Here is a small list of failed sites where the criteria for a "healthy" stackexchange site can be found.


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I think you are correct when you suggest we get the word out. I did a quick search of http://blenderartists.org/ and only found one thread regarding the Blender StackExchange proposal in Area 51. If I can find the time I'll start a new thread there.

Also if someone doesn't beat me to it, I will submit a story to http://www.blendernation.com/submit-news/.

  • I already tried to submit to blendernation during the definition phase but I got the following answer: "I like the initiative, but at this stage it's not 'news', but rather something for BlenderArtists." Jan 17, 2013 at 23:09
  • Adventures in Blender just shared my post about this on Google Plus plus.google.com/u/0/114446066195540713841/posts/3hS3pPQBSA3
    – dedwarmo
    Jan 18, 2013 at 21:23

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