I have committed on using Stack Overflow (in German), and I think there will be some "reputation chasers", who will take the most popular questions from the English stack overflow, translate them (may be with a little reformatting to make it less obvious) an just post them. This has the good side of good questions being posted, and the information will be available to german speakers, and the bad side of potentially creating spam, because of the "reputation chase".

So my questions:

  • Is this behavior welcomed?
  • What do you think of a linking option, that appears some what like the Possible duplicate in many sites, to have a link like it The English versions here. Would that be helpful?

Yes, IMHO they should be allowed.

  • the questions are not duplicated because they are in the other language and are directed to other audience: they can get better answers from users which are technically good but don't master good English

  • the questions being bad translations would be closed for bad grammar and being hard to understand, so no place for people knowing google translate and not German

  • the most of those duplication should find place in Private Beta phase, which is directly aimed at filling the site with questions (possibly from other sources)

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