We are a lug that receives a lot of questions that needs to be answered and easily searched, our current medium doesn't support searching, thus it takes a lot of effort to either re-answer previously answered questions or index it for future, luckily these features are natively supported by stackexchange. Majority of questions come in Arabic language. So, can stackexchange fully (I mean to enable visitor searching while typing question) support Arabic language? Or is it coming in future?

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I can't answer your question specifically as I have no background knowledge of the abilities of StackExchange's inner mechanics, but anyway:

Check out the current proposals on hold like Stack Overflow (in Turkish) or Chinese Emigration 移民海外. They both are on hold at the moment for the following reasons:

This launch is on hold while we add the international features needed to make it functional for this community. Allowing international characters in tags is our first priority before launch. Dates will be announced when available.

I'd say, just propose your site. If you attract enough followers and commiters to it, the StackExchange developers are likely to add features that may be currently missing.

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