There are, right now, a large number of questions on StackOverflow that are perfect candidates for our new StackExchange site. Should, as a mater of policy, all Magento questions on StackOverflow be moved over to the new StackExchange site?

Proposal: Magento

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Any type of mass migration isn't likely to happen unless Magento was somehow deemed off topic at Stack Overflow. Forget for a moment that Stack Overflow may not wish to have their content removed (and the hard-earned knowledge and reputation the users earned from it). You're not going to be able to build a comprehensive, functional community by migrating a bunch of questions en masse here. That would simply overwhelm a small up-start community, destroying any chances of establishing a scope and culture of your own.

Consider that, from day one, most of your migrated questions would become instantly orphaned as the original authors will be on another site. Your brand new site would be filled with questions largely linked as "anonymous." The original authors will not be notified or respond to requests for changes and improvements. Your tags will be inherited from another site, regardless of how this community wants to organize content here. Voting will not be commensurate with the size of the site. Comments would be largely meaningless and scattered with links to another site. Content would not be properly vetted and kept up until far off in the future when you are better able to curate that quantity of content.

A migration's primary purpose is to find a better home for questions that don't belong on the source site. I wouldn't rush to migrate a lot of older questions. Give yourselves some time to figure out the scope and culture of this site.

The idea of creating a new site is that you are proposing support for a community that is not being well-served by another site. Over time you may get new questions that have already been asked and covered well on Stack Overflow, but hopefully there's something about this community that will make your answers better than what you get over at Stack Overflow.

Otherwise, this site isn't making the Internet any better… and that's the point of being here in the first place.

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    Glad there's existing policy on this — I've been semi-worried about my pretend internet points over on StackOverflow. Good to know they're safe. Commented Jan 2, 2013 at 22:57

I'd actually vote no to this. Given Magento's unique-in-php-land object patterns, I'd say there's still a place for Magento programming related questions on Stack Overflow and I'd like to see them stay. Basically, anything that could have both a magento and php tag, or a magento and xpath tag, or magento and oop tag, etc.

I'd also vote against moving existing Magento questions from StackOverflow to here — while there's a lot of great old Magento content on StackOverflow, I think getting a fresh perspective on a lot of the old chestnuts would be a great way to encourage new users to participate on the site. (I'm not sure how The Management handles this or if we have a say, but better to throw it out there now)

Thoughts/feelings from others?

  • Friend speaks my mind. I assume that newbie questions regarding Magento application functions (e.g. "How do I create a BOGO promotion") which currently would be closed on StackOverflow will instead be migrated to the Magento site.
    – benmarks
    Commented Jan 2, 2013 at 23:04

I would answer yes and no. If it's strictly Magento and has good content (i.e. answers and detail), then it should be ported, otherwise leave it.

My reasoning for this is this: Google indexes Stack Overflow and it will index the Magento SE site. If Google searches resulting in quality material are directing users to the generic SO site, users less familiar with the Magento SE site will post their new Magento specific questions there instead of on the new SE site.

We need the new content to be here, and having the quality content ported over will aid in routing users to the new site.

One thing that I admit I do not know: I have no idea how fine grained you can be in porting questions nor whether or not you'd run into issues of old SO posts not 301 redirecting to the new site.

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