On many proposal I see comments such like that under most questions with score 10 and more:

Please don't vote for this question any more - some of the questions below do not have 10 votes yet and we can't advance to the next stage until we have 40 questions with 10+ votes.

In my personal opinion such comments are agaist the concept of proposal phase because they are concentrated only on as-fast-as-possible proposal promotion and not on finding really good questions, and AFAIK my opinion is shared by the Area51 team.

But how to deal with such users? Should I add comment, write user personally or inform moderators? Maybe there could be possible to automaticly delete such comments with message for that user, that such comments are against the concept of the site?

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  • I agree that such comments are counter-productive. – Flimzy Jan 2 '13 at 11:03

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