We almost have enough followers to move on, but we are really lacking questions and votes. Can members please start asking questions and voting on them?

Proposal: Aviation

  • Have you considered telling people about this proposal e.g. on /r/flying, /r/aviation and the various flying-related forums out in the web? I could imagine that especially those on reddit could appreciate it since there's not the "that will just damage our community" behavior which is common in forums sometimes. Commented Jan 21, 2013 at 17:29

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It looks like we actually need more up-voted questions. Area51 says we need to have a certain number of questions with 10 votes in order to move to the next stage. More than 10 votes on a question doesn't seem to help any further.

Each member can vote up on 5 questions. If you haven't used all of your 5 votes yet, please look through the questions with less than 10 votes, and vote up your favourites of them. If you don't like any of the existing questions, or think there is a big gap in what the questions cover, then add a new question.

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