Proposal: E-books and E-book Readers

Are apps like the iOS/Android Kindle app on topic for this proposal? Generally they may be on topic on the Apple/Android/Super User/etc sites related to whichever platform the app is on, but it seems like someone asking about their Kindle device might also have Kindle apps elsewhere and it may be useful to ask/answer such questions all in one place.

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After thinking about it, I would say yes.

First I thought no, because of the reasons you mentioned, but there are questions that regard the combination of apps and readers. Examples for this could be whether reading the same book on multiple devices (e.g. cell phone and tabled via an app and the ebook reader) is allowed by drm or how the reading process can be synchronized.

I also would like to see questions about the conversion of ebooks (e.g. with tools like calibre). So when questions about a tool that allows viewing and modifying ebooks should be allowed, why shouldn't be questions about a program that only allows viewing them?

Finally since the proposal is called "E-books and E-book Readers" (and not "E-book Readers") I think applications and devices that are designed for the main purpose of using / editing / managing ebooks should not be excluded.


I think that as long they are specifically concerning ereading apps and ebooks on tablet or smartphones, and not the devices themselves, these questions could be considered on topic.

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