Proposal: Virtualization and Cloud Computing I wish to propose the site "Virtualization and Cloud Computing" should cover all the Server/Cloud/Networking/Virtualization related questions from all the wider community including enthusiast, non-experts, students similar to Stackoverflow, first line from SO FAQ "Stack Overflow is for professional and enthusiast programmers" but our present site for Server related questions is only for professional. From the FAQ of ServerFault "Server Fault is for Information Technology Professionals"

Therefore I suggest a name change to the site which could reflect the broader context like "Cloud & Server"


The description already covers the spectrum of users you have described.

Changing the title, as you suggested, would make the whole proposal look like it was a non-expert version of Server Fault - which would make it immediately close-worthy.

The name is highly descriptive of its purpose - to cover Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

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