Questions that have a score of more than 10 do not help the definition of a site, they simply gather points as people are less and less likely to look down the page to see if there are any other good questions and its usually that the first question with score of 10 will gain most upvotes simply because it was first not because it was excellent. That said other good questions might suffer from lack of attention.

There is a very easy fix questions with score above 10 should be sorted in the reverse order. The highest voted questions should be last the lowest first. (so first all the tens and then elevens etc)

Or alternatively

Questions with score above 10 should be hidden by default.

Questions that didnt reach 10 votes should be sorted like they are now. with highest score first.

That said i still think we should have an option to sort questions the way they are sorted now (or if we decide to hide the questions with higher score then there should be a button to view them) but with the higher vote questions out of sight by default.

This will make it so proposals move along quicker. And will not hinder the attraction of the proposal because as I stated earlier top voted questions are not necessarily most interesting questions on the proposal just been there first

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The purpose of these activities isn't to move the proposal along quicker. There may be better ways of making sure more questions are getting a proportionate level of attention (random sorting?), but I don't believe the suggestions above will build better proposals.

Hiding or otherwise disabling the highest-voted example questions is just a backhanded way of telling people what to vote for, regardless of the quality. We have to be mindful of not turning this into an automated production line just feeding questions through the process. The voting is to determine if there are enough decent-quality questions to remove forward. Folks should vote on what they feel best represents what they would like to see on the site. If users are just voting on the first questions they see, they're not really helping the proposal; they're just going through the motions.

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    Random or order by date (newest first) might help finding interesting questions.
    – Fuxia
    Commented Nov 24, 2012 at 11:50
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    The current format does not prevent people from voting up questions they do not read, people just look for number nine instead of looking at top questions. In fact mindless voting happens all the time. It does however slow down proposals. Its a simple test of human psychology people read first few questions get bored move on. If the questions already have 10 votes they read questions that don't matter even if they vote them up.
    – Xitcod13
    Commented Nov 25, 2012 at 4:01

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