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Is free flight (hang gliding, paragliding, powered paragliding) in scope for Aviation? I would hope so. Many questions about aerodynamics, airspace rules, and weather are overlapping. And the powered aircraft pilots might find that the free-flight pilots know quite a lot about wind, weather, and mountain flying.

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When I created the proposal I was thinking that any sort of aviation would be included on the site. I originally posted a discussion topic explaining the scope of the proposal but someone deleted it.

I think that all sorts of pilots whether they are airplane, powered parachute, balloon, glider etc. are very encouraged to join. However, the site would also accommodate mechanics, ATCs, student pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and even hobbiests who have questions about aviation.

This is what I had in mind when I created the proposal, but I also encourage other people to respond with what they would like out of this site too.

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    I agree with having the group's scope include all sorts of flight, powered and unpowered. Nov 22, 2012 at 7:19

There is so much crossover in the different fields of aviation it is extremely difficult to just focus on a subset.

Commerical Pilots fly ultralights, Mechanics fly planes, IT guys build experimental aircraft, you get the drift

You could focus on something like Engineering, but you are a lot better off keeping it broad as most people have interests in more than one aspect of Aviation

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