Proposal: ExpressionEngine

Has anyone discussed this proposal with EllisLab? (other than the couple of employees who have committed to this proposal)

I'm not sure what the standard procedure is for Stack Exchange sites once they reach beta, but I expect we will need their permission to use the ExpressionEngine name for this Q&A site.

Have other sites had similar issues using trademarks? (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Ubuntu - I'm guessing that's why the Apple site is called "Ask Different" and not Apple)

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I think the SE guys will help use work through those issues when we make it to the Beta.

  • Yeah I'm sure they will. Just think it would be nice to get a head start getting EllisLab's permission, since they will probably take forever, or worse, may not want the EE name used. Commented Nov 7, 2012 at 13:41

Generally speaking trademark is only an issue if there's a chance of confusion? Stack Exchange is something well known, i don't think there's going to be any confusion that it's something officially sanctioned by or related to EL.


I agree with Adrian, someone really needs to reach out to EL first.


I can see why the need for asking EllisLab but I see this area more as something that gives strenght to the brand for it's viral, open and free spirit. It's a different level of commitment with the product that should be favored.

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