Proposal: Logic Design is marked as a possible duplicate of Electrical Engineering. It also encompasses some of the same questions as currently get asked on Stack Overflow.

This fragmentation is bad as it means that there is no one place for logic designers to go to ask questions (some of their problems are similar to programming, e.g. Hardware Description Language problems; others aren't, e.g. questions about place and route).

A possible solution is to rename Electrical Engineering as Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This would show that logic design questions should be asked there. And any asked on SO can be marked as off-topic and migrated (I'd happily do that I spend more time on SO because I'm a software guy).

  • In my opinion there is no good place to ask logic design questions. As mentioned earlier, electrical engineering is more of the pure hardware side, while Stack Overflow and Computer Engineering are more about the traditional programming approach. Apr 20, 2013 at 8:10

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The naming of the former Electronics Design site has been the subject of much debate... and I agree that Electrical Engineering is not ideal (it has differing meanings either side of The Pond) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering would be better.

I also agree with the opinion on fragmentation...

To me Logic Design is fully on-topic of Electrical (and Electronic) Engineering and is not needed as a separate site


Logic is not the same as electornics! It is a computer engeneering, a missing link between the programming and electronics, between computer science and physical silicon. Leave the electrical and electronic engeneering for inductors, capacitors and transistors. They have nothing to do with logic. Logic is on top of the transistors. I do not think that VHDL and Verilog is appropriate in SO or Electronics. Saying that Logic Design must go to the Electronics or SO is like saying that cheese from the sandwich must be discussed as a part of top or bottom bread because cheese would fragment those already existing topics.

I argue that Computer Engeneering consists of Logic Design (here) and Computer Architectures (separate proposal) components, which are not covered at all neither by Electical Engineering nor Software Overflow, despite this "question" states otherwise. Meantime, we have the Embedded Design proposal, a subject of Computer Engeneering and Programming issues, which seems to have the most followers. Meantime, the blatant duplication of HW and SW issues is openly not a problem for Embedded Design. This is outrageous!

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    I agree, Embedded Design should be in the same boat, sorry but they are both serviced in other areas of SE. Just like my powershell proposal, there are some technologies that will span multiple sites and never get their own site, probably because the following isn't high enough. I am surprised Raspberry Pi has it's own site, but as a contrast I could see Drupal even though it could be serviced on SO and possibly SE if need be. It's a numbers game I guess.
    – MDMoore313
    Apr 3, 2013 at 18:37

I wouldn't say logic itself is fully ontopic, as there are some aspects of logic (such as understanding logic, beginning logic, asking for help with a particular logic topic, etc) that aren't on topic on EE.SE. Not to mention they are pretty liberal with their downvotes so you'll know right away.

Also, Logic itself does have the potential to be fragmented among Programmers.SE, SO.SE, and EE.SE as well, but I don't know if that merits it's own site. As the purpose stands now that is indeed fully on topic at EE.SE. If the site were changed to encompass all areas of logic such as my examples above, it may have a shot. If this is just another programming site, I think we have enough of those.


I have the feeling that there is no good site on StackExchange to ask logical design questions. Stack Overflow and Computer Engineering are more about 'traditional' programming, while Electrical Engineering is more about the pure hardware. There is also the Signal Processing site that will occasionally deal with the same problems, but is really about something completely different.

Is a 'Logic Design' site on Stack Exchange the ideal solution? I think not, but there is no suitable site for it.

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