I am involved in the the currently proposed Q&A site Buddhism, and as a user who is relatively new to Stack Exchange I'm learning e.g. there what does and what does not seem to work in Stack Exchange communities. I'm wondering what existing rules and best practices should be latent knowledge in the back of this participant's mind (and should perhaps be linked from a proposal-related question, such as this one) in order to increase the likelihood of making it to the Commitment and Beta phases. I can currently think of the following:

  • the Area 51 FAQ, obviously
  • the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites and (to a lesser degree) the Stack Exchange Moderator FAQ
  • Successful sites such as Physics have their own FAQ and related recommendations, which distill a lot of relevant wisdom.
  • Robert Cartaino suggested requirements for sites and proposals outside the hard(ish) sciences – very good stuff IMO, and maybe of most specific relevance to Buddhism.
  • I see a question on What guidelines do we need? from Christianity beta proposed by the Stack Exchange engine under Similar Questions, but it has too little meat for my taste (no pun intended.)

What else can you recommend, and in the context of which proposal or site has it worked?

Now I hope I did not violate any rules from the Area 51 Discussion Zone FAQ here ... :) (Please notice that while I mention Buddhism for context, the question has a wider scope.)

Proposal: Buddhism


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