Proposal: Italian Language & Usage

The previous proposal failed after 2 years at some 60ish percent commitment I think. What were the reasons and how do you think we can avoid it this time

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Spread the word as much as we can, in every possible way: I think the only solution is this.
I am not so pessimist, though: it is true that, right now, we are still a bit behind with the voting process of example questions, but it is also true that we have already collected 107 followers.
I don't know if the requirements to pass the committment phase have changhed in the meantime but, if they are still the same, we have good chances to get from committment to beta in a very short time.
Besides, one strength of this proposal (unlike others, e.g. Chinese emigration) is the high average level of its followers, so we can meet the requirements more easily even with a narrower support base.
Moving from beta to launch will be another kettle of fish, though..

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    +1, I only note that Chinese language is an interesting exception, since in the last few years the study of this language has become a relevant curricular activity: that circumstance explains the success of that proposal. But, alas, we cannot say the same for Italian language and culture which is interested by an unstoppable decadence culminate just today in the new statistic projections done by UNSCR. Oct 23, 2012 at 20:50
  • @Carlo_R. I agree with you, but in this particular case I wasn't referring to Chinese L&U, but Chinese emigration, which for a long time had more than 700 committers, but still couldn't meet requirements because most of them were new subscribers and very few had enough reputation.
    – Lucius
    Oct 24, 2012 at 15:51

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