Proposal: ExpressionEngine

Looks like this is going to need many more of us (including me) to increase our reputation scores on one of many SE sites.

Feel free to post suggestions on where to get involved. Maybe some of you who have current EE questions, can post them over at Stack Overflow for now?


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As there is already an ExpressionEngine tag on Stack Overflow, the easiest option for people would be to go there and ask or answer a few questions:


Remember that the most helpful thing you can do is build your reputation to at least 200 on a single StackExchange site like Stack Overflow (Area51 doesn't count). We are on track for most of the other requirements, but we need at least 100 committers who have 200 rep on another site (basically to ensure that there will be enough people on the beta site who actually know how Stack Exchange works and what they are signing up for).

To reiterate:

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    200 rep might sound like a lot though, I believe you start out with 100 points just for signing up and associating your Area 51 account. Then from there it's pretty easy to get 10 points for up voted answers and 25 points for an answer which was select as best. Asking questions is a great way to get rep as well!
    – Natetronn
    Commented Oct 23, 2012 at 17:49

I think posting EE questions on StackOverflow is a great idea for devs, there's also a tag for CodeIgniter as well.

If you're a designer, there's a SE for Graphic Design, Audio/Video Production, and Photography.

A note, each site has their own reputation points. So my rep points from StackOverflow won't transfer to Homebrewing (darn ;) ). I think the proper strategy is to pick the SE site that best matches your skills, and "Level up" on that site (of course nothing to stop you participate on the others). I think this will move our proposal through the fastest.

  • Also you get Reputation bumps when you join/associate your logins to other SE sites. But don't forget to stay ACTIVE on any site you join (vote, answer questions, ask questions, etc). Thank you all! Commented Oct 22, 2012 at 16:25

Easy ways to boost your Stack Exchange reputation:

  • Accept answers on questions you've asked.
  • Upvote answers you find helpful or relevant.

There's also beta stage for Musical Practice and Performance. Most importantly, it has some decent drumming questions I've been answering to gain reputation. ;)

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