Proposal: Sustainable Living

I figured we should probably discuss this sooner rather than later - there's a fair few example questions that relate to sustainability which have been proposed, such as how to make a compost pile, the best way to store rainwater for watering plants, and so on. Such questions will probably continually come up since growing your own food and looking after your own garden in the process is one of the more classic sustainability examples.

What should be the stance here? The way I see it there's three main options:

  • Allow all gardening questions to do with sustainability, regardless of whether there's crossover on other sites (the RPi SE tends to take this approach.)
  • Allow only a subset of gardening questions that are only specific to sustainability, where the expertise would not generally be found on the gardening SE.
  • Allow no gardening questions.

I would lean towards the second approach, but am open to suggestions.

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Well the same logic could apply to questions regarding means to generate power and Electronic Engineering Q&A or to retrofitting or sustainable architecture and Home Improvement Q&A. Isn't it also just fine to provide the answers ON this Q&A about all the themes above AND provide cross-reference with other Q&A? We might even get the opportunity to give comprehensive answers using other's responses combined.


I'd have though that in almost all cases, you'd get more and better answers on gardening.SE.

There's very little in gardening that is so specific to sustainability that it isn't already done by a lot of gardeners.

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