Is there a place on StackExchange to ask questions about Green (and renewable) Energy? Like there are:

  • Solar Photo Voltaic panels
  • Solar collectors
  • Wind mills
  • Storing cold/warmth in the earth
  • Winning gas from live stock farm
  • Hydropower
  • ...

And questions like:

  • Cost of ownership
  • Payback times
  • Efficiency in my geographic location on earth
  • Law and regulation
  • Life expectancy
  • ...

Curious about your opinions if StackExchange could be the right place.

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  • Hoi jippie, the Sustainability Stack Exchange has now launched - please do bring your Green and renewable energy questions to us. m.v.g. EnergyNumbers – 410 gone Jun 9 '13 at 20:22

Yes, a StackExchange could definitely be the right place: all your questions could have objective, factual answers.

The best thing to do would be to commit to the Sustainable Living proposal

You can do that on this link. We're well on the way to getting that launched, and renewable energy is on topic for it.

The Climate Change site is still in the definition stage, so you could join that too, and propose some green-energy questions, for the climate-change-mitigation aspect of things. I'll upvote them!

At the moment, your questions would have to be scattered across many sites:

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