Distributism is an economic philosophy in part aimed at sustainable living. It favors small businesses over large, localism over giant social systems, and integrated living (where different spheres, such as family and work life, for example, are no longer separate). While it arose in English Catholicism, I have known Distributists who were Catholic, Orthodox, and even Neopagan.

The Distributists I have known, or those which I have read, have tended to reject consumerism, and look to pre-modern economic models for a more just and sustainable system.

Is this likely to be on topic in this community? Or would it be necessary to try to get a separate proposal for such thought?

Proposal: Sustainable Living

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This sounds like a faith-based world view. As such, it would not be conducive to questions with objective, verifiable answers, and so would be a poor fit for any StackExchange. The only way a "Distributism" question might work, is if there are some central texts, in which case one might ask a question about the specific content or meaning of such a text - see the SE sites on biblical hermeneutics, islam or judaism for examples.

On the other hand, one might ask questions that try to reconcile Distributism with known science.

  • I am not sure that is quite correct. In Distributism you don't see a distinction between faith and other aspects of life, but it is rests, really, on Classical philosophy more than it does on Catholicism. I have known Neopagans who were distributists, and so forth. Commented Oct 21, 2012 at 3:26

I'm not sure economic sustainability (or the like) is really on topic for sustainable living - I'd say a separate proposal (or more likely finding one to integrate into, since that seems like quite a narrow topic to me) would be more fitting in this case.

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