I'd like to be able to search proposals based on the phase they are currently in. For example, I might expect to be able to use terms like these:

  • status:definition
  • status:commitment
  • status:private-beta
  • status:public-beta
  • status:launched
  • status:closed

Currently, there is a way to see proposals in the Definition/Commitment phases sorted by status type. There's also lists for Beta or Launched sites which appear to be sorted by the date they entered the Beta/Launched phase. And there is a search term that allows to filter by closed status.

However, I have not found a simple search option that allows such granular selection as I've suggested here. The Definition/Commitment list is a combined list which has to be scrolled through, if you're looking for proposals in the Definition phase. Similarly, the Beta list doesn't give a clear indication (though it can be generally assumed based on the life of the Beta) of which Beta phase a site is in. Additionally, most of these are views which must be selected before entering a search term if you want to do a search within those categories.

I'd like to be able to do these sort of searches straight from the search bar, but haven't found the syntax. Is there something I'm missing, or is it just not there? If it's not there yet, can it be added?

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These are the only "Advanced Super Ninja Search Options" I am aware of:

(hit <return> on a blank search to see this list)

  • proposals in a specific category
    e.g. category:technology apples oranges
  • proposals created by a specific user
    e.g. user:1234 apples oranges
    e.g. user:me apples oranges
  • proposals with a minimum number of followers
    e.g. followers:15 apples oranges
  • proposals with a minimum number of committers
    e.g. committers:15 apples oranges
  • proposals with a minimum number of views
    e.g. views:250 apples oranges
  • proposals with a minimum number of questions
    e.g. questions:1 apples oranges
  • proposals that have been closed
    e.g. closed:1 apples oranges
  • proposals that have not been closed
    closed:0 apples oranges

    The above options can be freely combined in any order

In terms of a [feature-request], there wont likely be many feature like that added to this-generation system.

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