I am thinking of proposing a "Algorithms" site. I want your suggestion, whether it is a good idea.

In algorithm, data-structure is also included.

Some may argue that following sites already answer algorithm questions-

  1. Stackoverflow - while there are algorithm questions, they don't get good attention. If you look at FAQ's or top voted questions, algorithm is no where. For someone interested in algorithms, there is little content of interest.

  2. Code golf - this is the closest site. But high amount of "code-golf" tags, is a put off. I am interested in asking and answering algorithm questions, with clean code, not some obfuscated code, with each answer sporting character count. I am not bashing this site, but just want to point, that some people would like to have a different site for algorithms.

You can see the condition of "algorithm" on code-golf below- enter image description here

But I may have missed some other site/proposal, just point me to it, if so.

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    cs.stackexchange.com is largely the proper place for these types of questions (though they are still technically on-topic on Programmers to a certain extent).
    – jonsca
    Sep 27, 2012 at 8:08

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I definitely agree it should have its own site so that those currently studying algorithms have a site to focus on.

Apart from anything else I've noticed that some of the good discrete mathematics and algorithms books, like Introduction to Algorithms, have exercises that they don't provide solutions for. If you read the reviews of these books online or on Amazon you'll see how frustrating this is for people trying to improve their skills on the topic.

One argument for not including solutions in the books seems to be that writing and publishing full solutions would be a long and time consuming process but its the sort of thing StackExchange is good for, there's no need for the authors to provide all the answers when there are so many knowledgable.

I know this sort of thing could be just included in Computer Science but I think its a large and important enough topic that it deserves its own area.


Like jonsca said in his comment, Computer Science or Programmers would be appropriate, depending on the type of answer you were looking for. On Programmers, answers would be focused on the practical and would probably be answered using pseudocode or similar textual or graphical representations. On Computer Science, answers would probably be more mathematical in nature. I'd check out both sites, particular the algorithms tag (on Programmers and on Computer Science) to see how each site approaches algorithm questions and ask on the one that would get you the answer you want.

  • Fair enough. Programmers seem more apt, but I will try both. Sep 27, 2012 at 15:42

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