Since Persian is a right-to-left language and English is left-to-right, their combination either doesn't work or does not look good. What are you going to do about this issue?

Proposal: Persian Language and Usage

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Some of the non-English proposals are on hold while we add all the features necessary to fully support them. Unlike (for example) our Russian site, the Persian language site would likely have to be put on hold while we work out the technical issues essential to supporting that site.

From the meta post: Is it OK to have non-English question and answers in Area 51?

Our mission is to make the Internet a better place to get expert answers to your questions. Nothing about that mission says the questions have to be in English. It is our long term goal to make the Stack Exchange Network a great, planetary resource for all the world's citizens no matter what language they speak.


Any non-English sites that make it through the commit phase may spend some time in temporary limbo, while we gear up to support it. We don't yet have a localizable user interface, we don't necessarily speak your language, and we haven't debugged things like bidi issues yet. We really want to watch the first batch of new sites closely so we prefer that those sites all be in English. However we are committed to support sites in other languages just as soon as we're confident that the site creation process is working fine.

I'm sorry, but I do not yet know when the features to support a non-English community will be completed.

Here is a compilation the most-relevant discussions with regard to non-English proposals in Area 51:



Temporary use U+202B Unicode character in the beginning of a RTL text. , you should define a shortcut or use babelstone.co.uk/Software/BabelMap.html

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