Proposal: Geoscience

We are leaning towards creating a community for the EarthCube audience, basically collaborative 'cyberinfrstracture' for the Earth Sciences. Specifically we are working on the cross disciplinary use of information.

Rather than create a separate site geared specifically towards a Hydro/Geo/Earth/Metro-informatics, we believe that we need to involve multiple domains. Is the Geosciences proposal the proper one to support?

There will be a series of workshops where we can push the development of a proposal. We would also like to add some questions for various organizations FAQ's as questions


Yes, use this proposal. It is the only one that covers all the fields that EarthCube Covers. Stack exchange proposals are fairly tenuous, highly dependent on number of users active, and number of questions asked. Proposals are closed after ~2 years if there hasn't been enough activity. Check out Merge the various geoscience proposals?

The most beneficial thing to do would be to focus on geoscience, but also join and submit questions and vote on the associated proposals (especially the climate change proposal, since the others are small, or likely to be closed soon [geology proposal is more than 2 years old]). If a proposal fails (like the meteorology one has), people can move their own questions to another appropriate proposal. At this stage, it looks like we need to focus on getting a critical mass first.

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