Proposal: Robotics

Our biggest hurdle to achieving 100% Commitment is the very few number of committers who have no reputation on any other Stackexchange site.

If you have never used any of the other Stackexchange sites, then please do. There are so many interesting sites, and it's very easy to get a reputation of 200.

So please take a look at the wide range of interesting sites. There's probably one on a topic you're interested in.


Pick a site, ask or answer a few questions, and when your rep hits 200, we'll be 1% closer to our goal.

Thank you.

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There are two main ways to get enough experienced committers:

  1. Recruit more experienced stack exchange users (200+ rep on any other site).
  2. Encourage existing committers to gain more experience.

There are also ways to combine the two however.

If you ask questions on other sites about robotics issues, mentioning this proposal, then we get the dual benefit of bringing this proposal to the attention of more experienced stack exchange users who are interested in the topic, and improving the reputation of less experienced stack exchange users. If you use your referral link, i.e. the Share This link you see when you visit the proposal Area 51 page, then you will be credited with every person who uses that link to find the proposal.

Most proposals have some overlap with other existing stack exchange sites, and for robotics electronics is the obvious one, so this is a great place to ask questions about control systems etc. There is already a robotics tag which has over 70 questions associated with it.

Even if you can't think of robotics related questions to ask on other sites in the stack exchange network sites, you can still improve your personal reputation on another site by asking questions relevant to that site and answering other peoples questions - Pick a topic that interests you and hang out there for a while.

For instance if you are interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy or Roleplaying Games, ask and answer questions on those sites. Ditto if you are a parent or interested in sports. There are plenty of sites where you can pick up a some reputation and 200 really isn't difficult to achieve once you get started, no matter how difficult those first few points of rep might appear.

  • Interesting idea. Is it normal to mention other sites or proposals in questions ? Sep 14, 2012 at 0:27
  • @Rocketmagnet - It's very rare, but as long as it is done respectfully I doubt it would be seen as a problem. Much more common would be people commenting on a question of limited relevance saying that it would be an ideal question for proposal X. This happened a lot on Programmers while The Workplace was in commitment.
    – Mark Booth
    Sep 18, 2012 at 10:56

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