Proposal: Italian Language & Usage

Gilles and mac389 gave us ideas, about some topics that should be thought in the early stages:

  1. Target public: natives or learners?
  2. Questions written in english or italian?
  3. Answers in english, italian or both?

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I appreciate what @TIKSN is saying (and implying); however, I regularly visit the French StackExchange as I'd like to improve my French. The questions there are both in French and in English, depending on the level of fluency of the person asking, and the answers follow, that is you get a reply in English if the question was originally asked in that language, assuming that otherwise the asker would not understand the answers he/she gets.

On top of this, I'm also convinced that making an effort to understand what is being said in a language is a method to improve one's knowledge of that language, so I would go for both Italian and English being used, hoping that anything written in Italian only could be considered to be "challenging" and not "blocking" or "repelling" for learners.

As for the target public, I think we need a mixture of natives and learners (I'd say, 40-60). Hopefully, natives should be capable of answering questions with greater ease and accuracy, but their questions may turn out to be too focussed and thus less universal.


i think, we can do both ,we dont need a law to decide, we make writing in IT or EG possible, and making the public choose what to write.


Those are probably topics that should be discussed on the meta site, when the site reaches its private beta phase.

About the target, I can say that a site for people whose first language is Italian would probably have the effect of reducing the number of asked questions, which is one of the criteria used to see if a site in beta phase is ready to graduate. Native speakers are generally the users who answers to the questions; generally, there are few questions asked from native speakers. Learners are probably the users who ask more questions.
I think that lovers/enthusiastic people include both the native speakers, and learners, as long as their interest for Italian is not limited to simple curiosity.

  • The example questions are just to decide the proposal's topic a little more in detail. The fact the future site will accept questions written in English, Italian, or both is something different that has nothing to do with the proposal's topic.
    – apaderno
    Sep 3, 2012 at 22:56

Like similar Stack Exchange forums for Russian, French and Spanish it better to be in English. For example I know English and want to learn Italian. In a case when if it will be Italian I would not be able to use it because I can't write whole sentence in Italian but I can ask it in English.


Both, but if you know English, include a translation in case you post in Italian for those who don't know it.

Every language site allows both languages and it seems sensible.

Let's keep English-only for the Meta site. :)

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