I am proposing an area to discuss about GeoGebra software. But I would like to know if is allowed to invite people to follow me.

And what about other areas? I am a member in Mathematics, but I would like to know how could I discover if it is allowed there?


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Yes, you're allowed (and encouraged) to share your proposal. See FAQ, topic "How do I refer users?".

The other problem is that you have to prove that the community you are suggesting has significant difference to existing sites dedicated to software in general (SE.SuperUser) and mathematics (SE.Math) in general. See this excellent answer on a related question.

If you feel that many who are members of SE.Math would follow your proposal, maybe just ask on SE.Math.Meta? (not the Math itself, I think)


This is excellent freeware with a firm mathematical underpinning, and the capability of rendering 3D objects that otherwise difficult to produce.

Its syntax does not seem particularly challenging, but it requires entering code commands, as opposed to selecting features from drop-down menus. Hence, it would be very useful to have a discussion community to support, promote and educate on the use of Geogebra.

How do you vote this proposal up?


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