Proposal: Space Exploration and Technology

Here is a broad list of what I would consider to be on topic for this site. I welcome commentary to improving this list.

  • Planning through end of life for any kind of space mission, as done though a person serious about a potential space mission. Any topics relating to this are on topic. Some sub topics include:

    • How to optimize science returns
    • How to launch the spacecraft
    • Optimizing the lifetime of the spacecraft while on orbit.
    • How to set optimal requirements
    • How to dispose of the spacecraft now that it's life is over.
    • What are alternatives to using a spacecraft.
    • Understanding the environment of space
    • Testing requirements
    • Ground Station creation and maintenance
    • Finding proposals for space and space related missions.
  • Enthusiast/ Advanced Amateur questions about space missions

    • Discussions about current space missions from an enthusiasts point of view.
    • Amateur rocketry (Custom made rockets at a minimum, no kits)
    • How things work on a spacecraft
    • Studying current or past space missions.
    • Discussion of enthusiast organizations (Planetary Society, Mars Society, etc)
  • History and future of spacecraft

    • Anything historical of the non-general reference variety relating to space.
    • Colonization
    • Manned missions to other planets

So, here's some specific things which I can see which would be good questions, to try and help seed a few more questions for thought here.

  • What creative orbital maneuvers might I do to save fuel for a Geosynchronous spacecraft?
  • What altitude should I plan on reaching my perigee to de-orbit my spacecraft within 25 years?
  • What is the cheapest realizable method for sending a manned mission to Mars?
  • What is the highest radiation orbits around Earth?
  • Where can I find a list of NASA Request for Proposals?
  • What is the purpose of a TVAC (Thermal Vacuum) test, and for what length of time should it take place?
  • How can I optimally determine what my pointing requirements should be for my __ spacecraft. Details included as to what the mission needs.
  • How can I reduce Single Event Upsets in my Low Earth Orbit mission?
  • Are there any ideas as to how much a 10 meter cubed asteroid could really be worth?
  • What spectrum of light is the easiest to pierce the atmosphere of Venus?
  • Given a 1 km asteroid set to impact earth in a long time (10+ years), what method of deflecting the asteroid would be the most cost effective?
  • I have found what I thought was the right size of reaction wheels for my spacecraft, but I have determined they just barely don't have enough power for 3 to maintain control. Is there an arrangement I could use of 4 which would give me the extra power I need?
  • How much sunlight should I prepare for for a 55 inclination 750 km orbit?
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    Why not put these into actual questions to be voted on? Sep 26 '12 at 3:39
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    One person can only put in 5 questions, so all I can do is suggest to others to use these. Otherwise, I would. Sep 26 '12 at 10:24

Could some please clarify the names used? I see a link use the name "Space Exploration and Technology", but the proposal is currently called just Space Exploration. I don't see anything in the discussion that clarifies this. I thought the proposal was better with the "Technology", but maybe people just found it redundant.

Obviously there's a tradeoff between how much blatant futurism the site wants to allow and how focused and serious it wants to be. How much is the scope really focused on space development and how much is it a Q&A for current space industry?

  • You are better off asking an independent question on this subject. If you ask it, it will get answered. Just click on the proposal, then the "create new discussion" button. Feb 13 '13 at 16:44

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