Proposal: English Dictionary

In what way does this proposal differ from the already very popular English Language and Usage stack exchange site?

All of the currently proposed questions are either on topic for EL&U or trivial to answer with a traditional dictionary or thesaurus (as suggested in the EL&U faq), which would make them poor candidates for stack exchange questions.

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Idiom questions are sometimes on topic at the English Language & Usage site. Generating Q&A pairs for dictionary definitions is not.

We get a lot of requests to create sites to allow people submit any variety of non-questions and have people post solutions as "answers." That's pretty much what a collaborative dictionary would be, and that's not really what we do — http://stackexchange.com/about

Between the questions that are already allowed on English SE and the questions that would not be allowed on any site, I don't see a suitability to task for this proposal… at least not in Stack Exchange.

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