Proposal: New Programmers

Is this really going to work? Are new coders going to be attracted to here

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I go with NO.

But I feel the need to elaborate a little bit on my answer:

I to was a "new programmer" and found stackoverflow high-paced and intimidating, but I wanted to learn, so, isolating myself was not the best way neither was surrounding myself with "new programmers".

The best option was and is always to be surrounded by experts who know what they are talking about, are able to provide elaborated and step by step answers, thus solving problems and providing a learning bases for "new programmers".

As more intimidating than stackoverflow may be, one can always "live" there in covert, collecting information, reading, searching and reading some more. (been there, done that)

Accurate at 2012-07-20 22:46:23Z:
The matter of fact is that one already finds 3,401,810 questions, and only 681,366 unanswered.

What can define a "new programmer"?

  • An individual learning and seeking knoledge
  • An individual filled with questions
  • An individual with little answers

So why will a "new programmer" chose to be surrounded with new programmers, if there's a site with millions of questions answered and tons of users willing to answer some more?

Simple answer: It will not. A "new programmer" will always be attracted to a place filled with knowledge.

So I emphasize that new programmers will not work at all. May have tons of visitors, but very little of Q&A.



The users will just use Stackoverflow.



Yes. New users will use this site as Stackoverflow is very high-paced and intimidating.

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