On occasion, we have to uproot and close a proposal which has been too slow at gaining support to remain viable. Typically, there is nothing inherently wrong with the subject being proposed, but after 4 months in Definition or Commitment, you have to determine if the proposal still has the support it once had.

Do you have a community ready to build your site?

We generally expect proposal authors to have access to a community to help build your site. Area 51 cannot find that community FOR you.

If you have access to a healthy, enthusiastic community needing a Stack Exchange site, feel free to restart the proposal and try again.

To build a successful site, you'll definitely need more of a running start to make it viable. The only way to make this work is to go out and actively find a community to support your site. If you find a health, enthusiastic community to build your site, your efforts should go quickly the second time around. If not, it wasn't meant to be.

Good luck!

Note: This is a general announcement. Please bring any specific discussions or comments about your site back to your proposal page.

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    Is there a way to get a list of the closed proposals? If not, could there be a list added to this post? That would improve transparency.
    – user72809
    May 7, 2013 at 14:18
  • @CamilStaps No, there are several thousand closed proposals and the closure list would be several hundred titles long. Proposals are closed with this notice and left for several months until removed through the normal maintenance processes. It is exceedingly rare for someone to inquire what happened to a proposal after that point. It would be difficult to justify the amount of resources and maintenance this list would require. May 7, 2013 at 14:44


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